Other Counseling Services in Cumming and Dawsonville GA

Alpha Hope offers many other counseling services. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact either our Cumming or Dawsonville GA locations.

Parenting Classes

Are you reacting or responding to your child? Spotting possible problems and knowing how to work through them? Are you a careful monitor of your child’s behaviors, asking questions and paying attention, with making decisions and setting limits? These and other questions are answered in this parenting course.

There are no perfect parents, parenting isn’t all or nothing. Success and mistakes are part of being a parent. In this course you will learn how to be an effective parent, learn how to be more consistent in parenting, take a more active role in your child’s life, and learn how to be a more attentive parent. This course will also help you learn how to prevent risky behaviors or problems before they arise. These classes can be especially helpful for parent’s who are going through a divorce.

Impulse Control Classes

This course is designed to help individuals effectively manage impulsive behaviors. The curriculum can be adapted to a variety of problem areas, including impulsive shopping, anger, fighting, eating, spending, and shoplifting.Therapy is centered around helping individuals change patterns of thinking and behaving that lead to negative consequences.

Premarital Counseling – for Couples*

Premarital counseling includes evaluating the couples relationship using the Relationship Dynamics Scale and insight therapy to increase couples awareness of how the other individual thinks and feels about a variety of issues. Couples will discuss ways to ensure that they are not marrying for the wrong reasons.

*Three one hour sessions minimum.